Audrey Bloom

Owner & President, Duly Knowted LLC


Audrey Bloom is an instructional designer who identifies, “curates,” organizes, and re-formats business information and educational content to include in performance support tools, training programs, and business curriculum. Audrey has worked with subject matter experts across diverse roles in large organizations such as Boeing, Pfizer-Zoetis, John Deere, Caesars Palace—and other smaller ones. Throughout her career, Audrey has observed much about how knowledge and expertise flows through organizations (or doesn’t) but can easily be misplaced or lost when roles change or people leave. These observations have brought her to Duly Knowted.® Its focus is enabling knowledge transfer with internal mobility and offboarding. As Duly Knowted’s owner and developer, Audrey has created a collection of downloadable tools to assist businesses and organizations identify and capture information that might otherwise be lost when employees transition or leave their organizations.

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